Supplements to strengthen an erection - Ranking 2023

# 1
Produkt 1

Eron Plus

Eron Plus is an increasingly popular agent used not only in our country but also abroad. Why? This is not only due to its effectiveness, supported by many studies, but also by the testimonies of men who have already used Eron Plus.

The product consists of two packs. The first one is Eron Plus, which helps to fight the problems of weakened erection. And Eron Plus Before is responsible for strengthening the erection in half hours before sex.

We must point out that it is a preparation proven 100% and completely safe, after its use, there are no side effects or side effects. The opinions of men who take it are the perfect proof of the effects of this product - two ingredients contained in this supplement have a great impact on its effective operation!

The advantage of this supplement is quick and very long action. This preparation has a huge impact on the improvement of the quality of sexual intercourse. It is currently the preparation most often chosen by men to improve erection. It is available over the counter. (only on the manufacturer's website).

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# 2
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Member XXL

Member XXL is without a doubt one of the better products of this type on the market that can be purchased without a prescription. According to the manufacturer this supplement can have many uses. First of all, the erection is longer and stronger it also increases your sex drive and endurance. It also has a positive effect on blood flow in the penis and helps to improve the quality of orgasms. According to the manufacturer, it may also increase the size of the penis if this supplement is taken regularly and as indicated on the leaflet.

After taking this supplement, men's libido will also improve, as this result often worsens with age. The composition of this supplement includes, for example, ginkgo leaf, hawthorn berry, saw palmetto berry, as well as Korean ginseng.

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# 3
Produkt 3


Penilarge is a supplement that contains several mixed herbs, many extracts and vitamins. Penilarge contains ingredients such as proper ginseng, cayenne pepper and hawthorn extract.

On the manufacturer's website you can find information that the use of Penilargea will improve the efficiency of the penis and will contribute to increasing the endurance of the member. This results in better orgasms as well as much stronger erections.

The libido will also increase, which is also stated on the manufacturer's website. It is also emphasized that the preparation has a positive effect on ejaculation control. After a few weeks, you can notice the first effects. You will be able to feel a greater sex drive, and after more weeks of use, your sexual performance will improve significantly. The use of this supplement is therefore a good idea, as it can improve erection during bed games. It is an over-the-counter preparation.

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Although it may be hard to believe, problems with erection affect up to about 2 million Poles in working age. This means that the problem is much more common than you might think. In addition, problems with maintaining an erection affect not only the body, but also the mental. What to do to deal with potency problems?

Important prophylaxis

Before we are forced to reach for potency pills, it is worth taking care of yourself. Appropriate physical activity combined with a healthy and balanced diet and restriction of stimulants will prevent erection problems from occurring at all. However, if you notice the first symptoms in this regard - also introduce the above changes and additionally use the potency pills described in our ranking. These types of preparations allow you to quickly improve the condition and thus make the man feel better.

Problems with potency do not mean a sudden disappearance of an erection. For most men, the first problems are a slightly reduced desire for intercourse, as well as problems with maintaining a full erection or an erection that disappears during longer sex. Already such signals mean that over-the-counter potency medications may be necessary.

It is worth bearing in mind that the use of measures from our ranking does not release a man from implementing the above-mentioned changes in lifestyle. The pills themselves, although they will certainly bring results, may turn out to be insufficient if the man does not take care of himself.

Physical activity does not have to be very intense. People who work mentally, and at the same time avoid any effort, will be satisfied with walks or regular, short sessions of exercises performed at home. For example, it's a good idea to go to the next bus stop on foot, or to leave the car a little further from work and walk that distance. Physical activity not only improves the body's efficiency, but also increases the level of its oxygenation. For this reason, it can have a positive effect on the potency and strengthen the action of the tablets in this regard.

It is worth including food rich in antioxidants in your meals. These substances are extremely important from the point of view of maintaining optimal health and youth of the body.

Erection is not only a bed problem

Many men who notice problems with getting an erection also suffer mentally. They feel humiliated and insufficient, hide their troubles through their partner, avoiding intercourse. As a result - the couple moves away from each other, and the man feels even worse because he has no one to talk to.

It is important not to hide your problems and not to ignore what the body is trying to show us. As soon as a man notices the first difficulties with maintaining an erection, he should use erection pills and at the same time change his lifestyle. There is also no need to be afraid to talk about this topic - most women know this issue much better than their partners realize.

If a man hides his problems, he becomes much more explosive and nervous, and his performance at work drops. The feeling of being unfulfilled in the sexual sphere carries a number of negative consequences for various aspects of his life. For this reason, it is imperative to ensure proper treatment.

Medical consultation - is it necessary?

If a man thinks that he should discuss his problem with the doctor - of course there is nothing wrong with that and it is worth making an appointment with a specialist. However, the vast majority of men feel humiliated at the thought of confiding their troubles to a doctor (regardless of their gender). In such a situation, over-the-counter drugs for potency are the perfect solution. They can be used without medical consultation - provided that the man is fully healthy.

However, if there is no improvement after using any of the preparations recommended in our ranking, a medical consultation may be necessary.

Indications for the use of potency tablets

Among the reasons why it is worth using erection pills, you can certainly indicate problems with getting an erection. As a rule, this means quite advanced difficulties when it comes to potency and the use of tablets alone may not be sufficient. In such a situation, it is absolutely necessary to use the purchased product correctly, and also to implement the above-mentioned changes in the lifestyle.

At the same time, you should be aware that the indication for the use of erection enhancers are already slight problems in this regard. In such a situation, potency pills usually help to cope with the problem much faster - just nip it in the bud. It is no shame to take drugs for potency without a prescription - this is only evidence that you care for your own health and that you want to stay fully functional.

To sum up, the indications for the use of potency preparations include any problems with maintaining an erection - even minor. The products in our ranking are made of high-quality, natural ingredients that improve the blood supply to the cavernous tissues in the penis and thus improve potency.

Contraindications to the use of potency tablets

Among the reasons why you should not take erection drugs, there is definitely a hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of these preparations. Each time, the full and most up-to-date composition of all erection remedies from our ranking can be found on the manufacturer's website. We advise you not to read the list of ingredients on another website - it may be incorrect or out of date.

Another issue that can be of considerable importance when it comes to contraindications to the use of erection preparations - is taking other medications. In this case, even if a man feels reluctant to discuss erectile dysfunction with others, a medical consultation is necessary. The products in our ranking are natural and safe, but they can interact with various medical substances contained in the products. Only a specialist can determine whether the combination of these two drugs is safe for health.

The last, but no less important, contraindication to the use of erection remedies are various diseases associated with hypertension or heart problems. As erection pills raise blood pressure - they can have a negative effect on the health of the above-mentioned categories of people.

In other cases - taking such measures should not have any negative health consequences. The condition for such a state of affairs, however, is the purchase of only proven preparations included in our ranking. They are not only effective (as confirmed by the multitude of satisfied users), but also completely safe to use.

How do potency pills work?

The principle of operation of this type of specifics is very simple. The ingredients contained in the erection preparations simply help to better blood the penis, thus positively influencing the erection. Each tablet user from our ranking has certainly experienced a slightly tingling or tingling sensation during the treatment at least once. It is related to the expansion of the cavernous vessels in the penis and is completely normal.

If a man is still not sure which preparation to choose, we encourage you to read our ranking. You can find many positive opinions about each of these preparations on the Internet.

What do potency pills contain?

Means to improve erection contain different ingredients, depending on the manufacturer. Each time, the full composition can be found on the manufacturer's website and information on specific ingredients should also be found there.

In most cases, they are all natural plant extracts in various doses, improving the blood supply to the body, and thus also the penis.

How to purchase products?

As we mentioned earlier - the potency drugs in our ranking do not require a prescription. This means that in order to buy them, all you have to do is go to the website of the manufacturer or distributor, or (if a specific manufacturer has such points) - go to a stationary store.

It is worth reading the description of each of the preparations available in our ranking and choosing the one that best meets your expectations. We assure you - all of them are effective.

How long does the treatment take?

The duration of the use of potency preparations depends on the degree of problems in this regard. The length of therapy is also determined by the manufacturer himself, so if in doubt, refer to the data available on his website.

It can be assumed, however, that it will take much less time to "get rid of" problems of a lesser intensity. Therefore, once again we encourage men to listen to their body and react to the negative changes that take place in it. The first problems with maintaining an erection should be the basis for looking for an appropriate potency preparation.

How many tablets should you take?

The dosage of individual products from our ranking is different and fully dependent on the amount of active substances that the manufacturer has included in each product. Information in this regard is available on the website of the preparation manufacturer.

For people who do not like to take too many tablets, we recommend choosing a preparation that is used maximum once a day. On the other hand, for those who do not mind remembering to use the preparations more often - we recommend products that must be taken about twice a day. According to most users, they give faster results.

How much does therapy cost?

Erection pills have different prices, depending on the manufacturer. At the same time, it is worth emphasizing that most companies decide to offer significant discounts to people who buy a longer treatment at once. Therefore, if a given preparation seems convincing in the eyes of a man - a good way to save a large amount of money may be the purchase of a whole, several-month-long package of pills.

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I decided to use the erection enhancer because of my wife. I didn't want her to be disappointed with bed adventures, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I discovered Eron Plus and since I take it regularly, sex gives me great pleasure. My member is always ready after using the preparation and it takes a very long time. My orgasms are also much stronger.



Over the years, I have used many different potency enhancing preparations. Until now, none has satisfied me as much as Eron Plus. Thanks to this supplement, I regained my desire for sex. My penis is as hard as ever and I can work with it for a very long time in bed. I also have much stronger orgasms than before using this preparation.